Plus addressing to filter email

Plus addressing (or sub-addressing) allow you to use different versions of your email address. The great thing is that you do not need to do anything. They work right away.  It’s a great way to filter incoming messages or when you want to track whether your email address has been transmitted to third parties.

What is plus addressing or sub-addressing?

With plus addressing or sub-addressing you have access to an unlimited amount of email addresses. You just need to add a “+” sign in your email name, followed by a new word or tag. Here are some examples:

All emails sent to will go to

  • will go to
  • will go to
  • etc….

Plus addressing to filter email?

Here is how you setup plus addressing to filter email.  It is a great tool to automatically filter emails:

  • First go to the ‘Settings’.
  • There choose ‘Filters’ in the left Column
  • Click on ‘New’.
  • There you can configure that all mails sent to will be moved to folder ‘Admin Support’ as is depicted in the screencapture below.

Plus addressing to filter emails
A very useful application of this filtering is for managing mailing lists and site registrations.

Tracking whether your email has been transmitted

If you are afraid that your email has been transmitted to a third party you can use plus addressing to track whenever you are required to enter your email on a site.  If ever you get a spam to this address you’ll know that your email was transmitted.

When registering to a specific website register with following email:

Potential problems when using Plus Addressing

The form validation of certain web sites sometimes rejects special characters such as “+” in an email address.  This is dangerous since the answer to your mail might be sent to the wrong person.  A mail sent from might result in mails being sent to

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