Oooops, our apologies

Dear user,

Our goal at ContactOffice is to provide the best tools to communicate and collaborate efficiently with your colleagues and friends. This is a very strong engagement that we really care about.

On 15th October, we encountered a technical issue that made it difficult to deliver the satisfaction you expect and deserve.  The problem was identified in the morning and solved in the subsequent hours.  In the process, some of our users received emails that they had already received or sent the previous day.  These emails reappeared in their Inbox.  The problem did not generate any security issue and no mail data of users was lost.

Please do accept our apologies for this technical problem.  It is the first issue of this kind we encounter in the 15 years we operate the service.  We understand the importance of our service and how frustrating it might be to encounter such issues.

As always, we welcome your feedback and are grateful for your patience, understanding and support.  We’ll keep on trying to improve our procedures to deliver the satisfaction and service you deserve.



Patrick De Schutter


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ContactOffice Team

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