ContactOffice welcomes and passes the mark of 500.000 active users

The OBFG (The French- and German-speaking bars association) has adopted ContactOffice as its collaborative messaging service (e-mail, organiser, shared documents, etc.) for all the barrister members of this professional organisation.

All in all, some 7,000 barristers will, henceforth, be able to use ContactOffice for all their communication and mobility needs : electronic mail service, document sharing, calendar, contacts and synchronisation of data between Web and mobile. These services can be accessed as three separate options, according to the users’ profile and usage.

This is the first stage of our cooperation with Subsequently, we will be offering a fourth option that will enable the users to sign their messages electronically and to encode (encrypt) them easily. This functionality is, of course, of paramount importance to barristers, who want to ensure their exchanges are kept strictly confidential.

“After examining numerous solutions available on the market, we felt that ContactOffice was the one that fulfilled our expectations best,” explains Marie-Françoise Dubuffet, director of “We considered the messaging service offered by ContactOffice to be modern and user-friendly while, at the same time, offering sufficient guarantees thanks to the data protection (the ContactOffice servers are installed in Belgium). ContactOffice will also enable us, when the time comes, to even better secure the data flows and the data itself.”

By winning this new client, we pass the mark of 500.000 accounts managed by our collaborative platform. Judging from the number of requests for information and migrations we receive almost every day, we’re convinced this growth is far from being over : the need for secure communication has never been stronger across all industries.

And this is exactly why so many companies and organisations find a good fit with ContactOffice : by contrast with many competitors, the aim of our activity is to host and protect our clients’ data, not to analyse it in order to take marketing profiles from it or display advertising.


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