Spring is in the air: New ContactOffice Interface!

After more than a good year of beta running, we are happy to launch our brand New ContactOffice Interface called ‘Crystal‘ to all our ContactOffice users.

Crystal Interface

The main improvements were guided by our wish to answer the following objective: How to simplify your work and that of your users and colleagues.  In order to do so, we’ve completely redesigned the user interface. We’ve build on the strength of our application:  the integration of both collaboration and messaging tools as well as our strong sharing and group functionalities.  But worked on what needed improvement: an uncluttered, intuitive and enjoyable to use interface.

Activity Feed ContactOffice

The design of this new interface was developed with one of the worlds best GUI developers: Benjamin De Cock.

New Concepts

  • We included an activity feed page to show all the modifications and actions of your group members
  • We reduced the number of tools:  The Polls tool is integrated in the Calendar tool making it more easy to layer the suggested dates with your own calendar
  • Main navigation is on top of page allowing us to use the entire screen for your content.  We also moved to a ‘three column’ interface for mail and docs
  • Tagging can be done by dragging them on your mails, documents, appointments,…
  • All preferences (mail, docs, contacts,…) are now brought together in one ‘Preferences page’

Help us improve our application even more!

Many beta test users and private label customers have been using our ‘Crystal’ interface for months and love it.  We incorporated many of their suggestions and will keep on doing so.  Get back to us with your opinion of suggestions via mail to our support or via this blog, twitter or facebook.

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