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One of the main reasons why people and organizations choose SaaS applications is cost reductions. Another reason certainly is time saving. Here are a few tips and tricks that will save you some precious time:


  • Filters and rules allow you to create automatic answers to emails with a precise subject, classify emails from a certain sender, etc.
  • Tagging emails (also available in other tools) allow you to classify them by priority, by theme etc. Tag’s can also be combined with filters (e.g..: automatically tag as “priority 1” any email coming from “CEO@mycompany.tld”).
  • ContactOffice allows you to gather multiple mailboxes (e.g..: your private account, your family account, etc.) in one interface with the ContactOffice (web based) IMAP client.
  • Add an attachment directly from the documents storage space to an email and send them as a hyperlink if they are too heavy instead of hosting them somewhere on a file sharing website.


  • Add an SMS and/or email reminder for any meeting into your calendar.
  • Periodicity allows you to repeat events every day, multiple days, weeks, months and years until a certain date, for a certain number of occurrences or even for ever.
  • Layering allows you to view multiple ContactOffice and external (e.g.: Google Calendar, any vCal, etc.) calendars in one view.
  • CalDAV protocol allows you to read and edit your ContactOffice calendar with iCal, Lightning, Outlook and any smartphone.


  • Gather your templates, letters and documents online.
  • Edit your documents online instead of downloading them to your hard disk, editing and saving them, uploading them again and finally give them the same access rights as the original file.
Do you also have interesting tips or tricks? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share them with us!
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