New version available: Archive mails in documents and other improvements

Save mail in Documents

You can now archive your mails in the ContactOffice Documents tool. Right-click on the mail you want to save in the Documents and choose ‘Save in Documents’. The mail will be saved in the Documents as a .eml file. This function allows you to save and share your mail communication with colleagues by saving the mails in a group folder.

Save mail in documents tool
Mail attachment converter to PDF

Our mail solution gives you the possibilty to convert an attachment ‘on the fly’ to a PDF format. This will allow you to open and read the attachment even if you do not have the right software on your machine.

Modification Mail counter

We have changed the way we show the mails present in the different folders. Instead of showing the total amount of mails, we now only show the number of Unread mails in each folder. The folders containing unread mails will also be shown in bold.

Search in specific Document directories

It is possible to search documents in specific directories only. This both for private as for group documents.

Phone and Fax numbers as search result

You can do searches in the addressbook and find the phone, SMS or Fax numbers of your contacts. This allows you to send SMS’s or Fax’s from the Messages tool. Create a new Message and click on ‘To’. Then choose ‘Phone numbers’ in the pull-down menu at the right top of the window. The result of your query will only give phone, sms and fax numbers, which you can select in order to send an SMS or a Fax from the Messages tool.

These are the release notes for Advanced interface version 3.7.001, currently available on ContactOffice servers.

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