ContactOffice’s data security approach

ContactOffice – IT Security and Privacy Strategy

As provider of a web-based application ContactOffice has been working for years on its security and privacy issues to guarantee maximum safety and availability for ContactOffice users when working on the application and storing information and documents in it.

Core Competency Safety and Security – You better Ask Someone Who Knows Best …

That is exactly what we did and for this reason we teamed up with Level 3 Communications. ContactOffice is operated in one of their high-performance data centers in Brussels. This data center provides a comprehensive safety and security concept reaching from physical access control through fire prevention and redundant power supply to firewall and intrusion detection systems. Thus ContactOffice provides an IT infrastructure that goes far beyond standard on-premise IT infrastructures.
In addition, all ContactOffice users – from single private person to big major company will profit from the extensive experience of the Level 3 experts in operating highly secure and available data centres

Clever Application …

In addition, ContactOffice was designed so any data inserted into the system becomes anonymuous, stored randomly. Next to our firewall and security settings, if any hacker can catch any data of our systems (never happened…), he won’t be able to do anything with it because:

– he doesn’t know the owner of the file
– he doesn’t know the extension
– he doesn’t know the login and password of the owner to access the document
– he doesn’t know who has access to this document
– he doesn’t has the password of users who have access to this document

Privacy and Data Security

For privacy and data security ContactOffice is deploying the necessary means to guarantee maximum safety and security. This starts at data transfer, which is done – if you selected it when logging in – in SSL-encrypted mode. In addition, all ContactOffice data are backed up several times a day and anonymously stored throughout our servers. Thus, these data are useless as well for any third party.

Business Model Software Development and Operation vs. Selling Banner Space or Mailing Lists

ContactOffice is a nothing but a software developer and provider financing its operation from the fees it receives from its end-users. For this reason, there are no additional financing models such as displaying third-party ads or selling end-user data/profiles) The ads in the free basic version only include promotional information for ContactOffice itself in the email footer.

Trust is Good, Control is Better!

As a ContactOffice user you always have the opportunity to download your data and documents in the most popular file formats such as .eml, .vCard, .csv, etc. The “backup” feature enables you to download all data in one single ZIP file at a mouse click.

450.000 End-Users Make a Statement

Today almost half a million end-users are using ContactOffice on a daily base. The solution is up and running for more than ten years now and would not have reached its current status if these end-users were not satisfied with the way their data are safe and secure.

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