ContactOffice collaborative suite chosen by Pearson for C2I certification

Communication technologies changed very rapidly these last years. This is why higher educational institutions and the French government have joined forces in order to stimulate the usage of these tools within education and that’s why the C2I was created (IT and Internet Certificate).

To help students pass the examination of the C2I, the international publishing group Pearson published a book called “RĂ©ussir son C2I” (success with your C2I). Since one of the chapters is “dealing with collaborative tools” and the “ENT” (digital work environments), Pearson decided to offer a ContactOffice account to each student that buys the book.

This account gives access to the tools that the student will use during his studies: mail, contacts, calendar, document storage, etc.. The account is also used to share answers and corrected exercises in the book.

Thanks a lot Pearson!

More information about the C2I:

ContactOffice Team

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