New version available: Search from recipient and other improvements

You can now search for all e-mails involving an e-mail address from the message window. Right-click on a person to display all e-mails with this e-mail address as sender or recipient.

Direct access to group members details

In several tools such as Documents, the name of the data author is now displayed as an hyperlink. Click on it to display the group member personal data. The data you will be able to view depend on the access rights that each group member has granted you. These links will soon be available in all tools.

To allow group members to view your own data, go to the Account menu, choose “Personal data”, click on the “Access” tab and select the appropriate groups or persons.

Items selection with the mouse

Did you know you could select multiple items (messages, documents, etc.) with the mouse? Click with the left mouse button after the name, hold the button, and move the mouse to the next items.

These are the release notes for Advanced interface version 1.9.007, currently available on ContactOffice servers.

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