ContactOffice is proud to present its new interface for SmartPhones

ContactOffice is proud to present its new “pocket” interface specially designed for SmartPhones and mobile phones. The screen’s size has been adapted and the tool presentation has been optimized. This new pocket interface will be activated on detection of your mobile browser. Below you’ll find a few screenshots.

Login page:

Please note that this interface will be available for all our SaaS customer who have activated the “pocket” option on their subscriptions. If they didn’t: it’s time to upgrade your subscriptions and enjoy this new interface.

To access this interface with a regular browser from your laptop, just add ‘/pocket’ add the end of your connection url.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment hereunder or on our Facebook page.



Mailbox view:

If you want to test it through your computer, just add “/pocket” at the end of the login URL that you usually use.

ContactOffice Team

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