Global search: search in all ContactOffice tools in a single operation

ContactOffice is a single application comprising interconnected tools; in that respect, we thought that the search feature, which was tool-specific, could be fully redesigned, and we’ve just done it:

  • Search available in all tools: you could already perform searches in Messages, Documents and Contacts. We added Calendars, Forums, Wikis, Notes and Bookmarks. In addition, a single search field is immediately available in the menu bar of all tools. The “Search” menu item is therefore not necessary anymore and has been removed.
  • Search in all tools in a single operation: the powerful “Global search” is a unique feature in online suites. Just enter a name, subject, tag, etc. and see corresponding e-mails, meetings, documents, etc. appear instantly.
  • Search result details can be accessed directly, by double-clicking on them. They can also be opened in context (an event in the corresponding calendar week for instance), using the contextual menu.
  • By default, you search in your private data, but selecting the “Include group data” option will extend the search to all the data available in the groups you belong to.
  • Search by tag: just enter the tag name in the Global Search, or “category: business” to search all items with the “business” tag.
  • You can add a star (*) after at least 4 characters to search for all words starting with these 4 characters. For instance, “cont*” could display results based on words such as “contactoffice”, “contract”, “contractor”, etc.
  • Recent searches can be recalled easily by selecting them in the pull-down menu on the right.
  • Advanced search: you can still perform advanced searches by selecting “Advanced search” from the Search menu when you are in Messages, Documents or Calendars. The available search fields will depend on the selected tool.


  • Regarding Messages, the Global search will search in e-mail attachments as well. However, in a transition phase, the Messages-specific search will not search in e-mail attachments.
  • The search feature is not available to free accounts.
  • Password-protected Documents cannot be searched.
  • OpenOffice files (.odt, etc.) content cannot be searched yet.
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