New version available: Places where you may add content immediately visible and other improvements

The group administrator, along with the group co-administrators, decide who may add content in the group: group Calendar, group Documents folders, group Bookmarks, etc. The places within groups where you can add content now appear with a special icon. In the example below, you can add content in Folder B only.

This release also contains many improvements such as:

  • Groups: The “All members” checkbox is now displayed on a different background. In addition, if you untick this checkbox, all individual members are now unticked as well.
  • Messages: You can now move a message to the “Spam?” folder from the message contextual menu.
  • Messages: A preference for default font color was added. This preference only applies to new HTML e-mails you compose.
  • Documents: Public Documents now appear with a special icon. Note: this feature is not available in the ContactOffice standard version.
  • Documents: A confirmation is asked for before sending a Document to a dropbox. The dropbox is a special folder in your private Documents, where the members of the groups you belong to may drop Documents. The dropbox is like a postbox: when someone drops a document, it becomes invisible to him/her. It is a nice alternative to sending Documents by e-mail.
  • Documents: You double click on a Document to download it. We added a “Download” item in the Document contextual menu, because some users reported they did not think about double clicking.
  • Groups: The members count is displayed to the group (co-)administrators.

These are the release notes for Advanced interface version 1.8.009, currently available on ContactOffice servers.

ContactOffice Team

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