UNIZO offers ContactOffice to its members

UNIZO is an organization that represents self-employed independants in Belgium. One of its goals is to inform Belgian self-employed independants about new and interesting concepts available in multiple domains : networks, informatics, law, etc.

One of the main characteristics of a self-employed independant is that he doesn’t have the time and money to invest into complex and expensive IT systems. That’s why cloud computing is an excellent alternative.

Today, ContactOffice and UNIZO launch a large partnership by providing to all UNIZO’s members, an online collaborative environment : ContactOffice’s virtual office system. With this system, users will be able to create groups in which they will be able to share ideas, information, documents, etc.

Users will be able to manage a personal calendar and contacts and share them within groups they created. They will benefit from ContactOffice’s global e-mail service who allows to users to consolidate multiple e-mail boxes into one single interface accessible from any computer, smartphone or GSM with a simple browser and Internet connection.

Finally, UNIZO’s users will have the opportunity to enlarge their business and network skills by using ContactOffice’s documents storage space, bookmark manager, tasks and notes system and wiki in a 100% SSL secured environment.

The UNIZO portal : http://www.unizo.be/virtueelkantoor

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