New version available (1.8.005): Search interface redesign, pending meeting invitations and other improvements

Search in Messages and Documents has been redesigned. This is a first step to a series of new features that will be available in a near future.

The “contains” criterion replaces the “all text fields” option. If you want to narrow your search, you can use other criteria such as document name or last modification date in Documents, or sender or subject in Messages.

You can use the * character to search on words starting with the letters you entered. Example: “contactof*” for “contactoffice”. You can’t use the * character in the first four positions because this would create too wide queries. Example: you can enter “conta*” but not “co*”.

Overview of pending meeting invitations

You receive meeting invitations from ContactOffice users and then accept or refuse them. As these invitations are sent by e-mail, you might forget to handle them.

The list of pending meeting invitations is now displayed in your private calendar, in the “Invitations” section. Meetings occurring in the past are not displayed though.

Free, busy, tentative and of out of office

Each event now has availability options:

  • Free: This means you are still available, despite the event. For instance, you have created an event to remind you that an item will be delivered between 2 and 4 but you are not actually busy waiting for it and unable to do something else. “Free” is the default status for “all day” events because you are at work although it is John’s birthday (or even yours).
  • Busy: This is the default status for normal events, meaning that you are actually busy because of this event.
  • Tentative: This status is for unconfirmed reservations in your calendar. Meetings invitations that you haven’t accepted (or refused) yet appear with a tentative status; when you accept them, they switch to the busy status. Use the Tentative status when you create an event which is not sure yet.
  • Out of office: This status means you can’t accept events because you are not at the office, for professional or personal reasons. If you want a day off because it’s your birthday, create an all-day event and apply this status, instead of the default status (which is “Free”, as explained before).

You can change the availability status of any of your events by editing its properties. You can’t change the status for layered external calendars though.

These options are standards. You will find them in third-party software, such as Microsoft Outlook. Note that Apple iCal only supports 2 of them: Free and Busy.

In next releases, we will improve the display of events according to the availability status.

Quotas moved to the Account menu

Quotas are now located in the Account menu, which now appears in every tool. You can view the Quotas for your private environment as well as for each group you belong to.

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