New version available: New menu bar and other improvements

Here are the release notes for Advanced interface version 1.8.001, currently available on ContactOffice servers.

“Quit” button now appears on the right

The “Quit” button has not disappeared, you will find it on the right, in last position.

Use this button to leave your virtual office in a secure way: just closing the browser window does not end your session.

Lighter menu bar

Because some features are not used every day (such as Preferences and Filters for Messaging for instance), we grouped these in a new menu bar item called “More”. Just click on it to display its contents.

Messages: bye bye winmail.dat files

Some Microsoft Exchange servers or Outlook clients send e-mails in a proprietary format. In this case, you get the message contents in a “winmail.dat” attachment that you can’t read. ContactOffice now converts such files and display their contents immediately.

Other improvements:

  • Messages: Printing problems with Internet Explorer are solved.
  • Messages and Documents: In search results, you can now move or drag an item to the Trash.
  • Calendar: When you refuse a meeting, the event window will now close automatically.
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