New version available: display most hours of the day in the Calendar and other improvements

Here are the release notes for Advanced interface versions 1.7.003 and 1.7.004, currently available on ContactOffice servers.

Display most hours of the day in the Calendar

We received feedback about the Advanced interface calendar displaying “less content” than its Classic interface counterpart: some events are not displayed in the visible part of the Calendar. Of course, you can display them by scrolling up and down. In other words, events taking place in the first or last hours of the day are not displayed immediately.

This is because of the calendar grid resolution. The “60 minutes” option was lacking in the Advanced interface Calendar preferences and is now available. Using this setting, each calendar cell will cover an entire hour, whereas the default setting is 30 minutes.

Take a look at the screenshots below. They belong to the same ContactOffice account.

Calendar with 30 minutes grid resolution (default setting):

Calendar with 60 minutes grid resolution:

Improvements to the “Infos” tab

“Infos” is a special tab that you can see just after logging in. It appears only if you belong to at least one group. Its purpose is to allow group administrators and co-administrators to display a message to group members.

We’ve fixed a bug preventing the Infos content to appear when the account was member of a large number of groups. Besides, if a group has no Infos available, it is now completely hidden in the Infos tab in order to gain space.

More languages for Contacts

The Advanced interface is available in English, French, Dutch and Portuguese. You can now select not yet translated languages (Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Finnish) when you create or edit Contacts. As system-generated e-mails (meetings and meeting polls invitations, reminders, etc.) are already translated, these contacts will get the e-mails in their own language.

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