Offline Calendar with ContactOffice & Mozilla Thunderbird

It is not always easy to stay connected to the Internet when we travel and there is not always a wifi connection available. So, sometimes it might be difficult to access your online agenda and work with it.

But since ContactOffice is an IMAP server as well as a CalDav server; in addition to map your ContactOffice mailbox in a heavy e-mail client like Thunderbird, you can also map your ContactOffice Calendar with Mozilla’s Calendar extension called Lightning.

Lightning is an extension offering a fully configurable calendar that also allows to map external network calendars through CalDav protocol. During the calendar’s configuration, you can activate the “cache” feature that copies locally your calendar from Thunderbird’s Lightning Addon to your computer making your calendar available in offline mode.

You can thus have access to your ContactOffice’s calendar at any moment even when you are not online. The only restriction for the moment, according to Mozilla’s development team is that it is not possible to update ContactOffice’s calendar offline and get it synchronized through Thunderbird once you get online again.

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