ContactOffice presents Virtual Office at CUME externalisation days

CUME (Club des Utilisateurs de Micro-ordinateurs dans l’Education), founded in Rennes (FR) in 1984 is a computer users association which aims to gather people working in IT departments in schools and universities.

The activities of CUME are oriented towards three main themes:

  1. New hardware and software platforms (Windows, Unix, Linux)
  2. Educational use of networks, Internet, …
  3. Educational use of information technology and communication (multi-media, self-training, distance training, …)

On 19 and 20 january 2010 CUME organized a national day with the subject: “Outsourced Services” and invited big market players such as ContactOffice in order to present its Virtual Office solution to an interested public. The programme of the days can be found here.

If you missed our presentation or if you simply want to see it again or save it, please visit slideshare:

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