A few tips for an easier use of ContactOffice Virtual Office

Using multiple email accounts at the same time

Almost everybody has at least one private and one professional email address. When you use ContactOffice as default professional email address (ex: me@contactoffice.com), you can also consolidate your other private (and professional) email accounts in ContactOffice’s interface in order to have all your mails in one single interface. This can be done either by downloading your external emailaccounts in Pop3 or viewing them through our IMAP client.

In addition, for each email account created, ContactOffice allows you to set up a different signature. Finally, ContactOffice will automatically select the correct email address used in any discussion when you reply to an email.

Contextual help for each function

There are two user modes: “Beginner Mode” and “Expert Mode”. They can be defined in the general preferences.
The “beginner mode” shows for certain functionnalities a question mark button with some extra information about this functionnality which is visilble through ‘mouse over’. This ‘Contextual help’ option can be activated or de-activated at any moment.

Writing emails, checking your calendar and uploading documents at the same time

Sometimes you want to suggest a meeting when writing an email to someone and you don’t remember your available time slots. Or, you might want to upload a document into your private or group storage space but you can’t because you are busy in the email tool.

Tip: press “ctrl+t” and a new Tab will appear in your browser. Open your virtual office by typing its URL (ex: http://www.contactoffice.com). Because you are already logged in in the first tab, your account will automatically open in the second tab. There you will be able to open other tools: your calendar for example. Using such Tabs allow you to have several tools open at the same time within the same browser and will allow you to switch easily from one tool to the other one.

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