New version available: Calendar working week view and other improvements

Here are the release notes for Advanced interface versions 1.7.001 and 1.7.002, currently available on ContactOffice servers.

Calendar: “Working week” view

We added the Working week view, so that you can focus on week days (Monday to Friday). This view is also useful on smaller screens. Click on the new tab to activate this view. If you would like your Calendar to open automatically in Working week view, go to the Calendar Preferences and change the “Start page” preference to “Working week”.

Moving a large number of items

Drag and drop is fun but sometimes you need to move dozens, hundreds or even thousands of items. This version introduces a “Move” feature in Messages, Documents, Bookmarks and Notes. In Messages, you can easily clean up your Inbox by moving messages received before some date to an archive folder. You can also move selected items or all items from one folder to another. Maybe it’s a good idea to clean up your inbox (or sent items folder) a bit at the beginning of the year.

Other improvements:

  • Meeting polls: as first improvement to our latest tool designed to easily find a date and time convenient for a series of participants, we added to possibility to send the invitation mail again, in case some participants would forget to answer your meeting poll.

  • Messages: you could already choose the default font. You can now choose the default font size altogether. These two options make sense only for HTML messages.

  • Calendar: optional confirmation for drag and drop. Activate this option in the Calendar Preferences if you would like to get a confirmation message each time you move an event with drag and drop.
  • Groups: the members list now displays who is a group co-administrator. A group co-administrator helps the group administrator in the group rights management. For more details, see online help.
  • The Fax and Synchro help pages were missing in the Advanced interface set of tools, although these features were still available.
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