New version available: automatic signature and other improvements

Here are the release notes for Advanced interface version 1.6.008, currently available on ContactOffice servers.

Automatic signature

In the Messaging Preferences, you could already set a signature for each of your sender addresses. From now on, you can also activate an automatic signature. The appropriate signature will be automatically inserted at the bottom of all new e-mails, including replies and forwards. In case you select another sender address in the pull-down menu, the signature is automatically changed. If you would like to send a particular e-mail without your signature, select “Disable” from the “Signature menu”.

If you have not activated the automatic signature, you can insert it anytime at the bottom of the message or at the cursor position. The latter possibility seems to be a ContactOffice exclusive.

Other improvements:

  • Messaging: Hyperlinks in HTML messages are opened in a new window.
  • Messaging: The e-mail window is now bigger.
  • Messaging: When you answer an HTML e-mail, you can now enter your own content in the midst of the original text.
  • Messaging: Filters using a size condition are now correctly saved. Note: the unit is the KB. So, if you want to create a filter for 5 MB or more messages, you have to enter the following value: 5120 (as 5 * 1024 = 5120).
  • Calendar: many descriptions improvements: the full description is displayed in the event preview, the description is also displayed in day view and the long descriptions can be read by participants using Internet Explorer.
  • Calendar: the layers are now ordered by name.
  • Wiki: A Wiki page being a Document, you had to manage the Access rights from the Documents tool. Now, just select “Properties” from the “Edit” menu in the Wiki to display the Access rights immediately.
  • Contacts: the autosuggest feature now takes a contact rename operation into account.
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