DNS issues impacting mail.be & contactoffice.be

Dear users,

You might experience difficulties in reaching www.mail.be and www.contactoffice.be.

Our domain hoster (www.hostbasket.com) apparently had a Domain Name Server configuration issue on both mail.be and contactoffice.be. Unfortunately, this problem is completely out of our control and responsibility. Although the right configs have been re-setup this morning around 08:30 am CET, the propagation of the right settings will take some time (from 1 hour to several hours).

You can try forcing to reload the correct DNS parameters by doing the following : in Windows, click on ‘Start’ then select ‘Run’ , type ‘cmd’. A black window will appear. Type then ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ and then press ‘Enter’. This will clean your DNS cache and force to reload the right DNS params. Open then your browser and enter www.mail.be or www.contactoffice.be. It will not work for everyone as some DNS are not yet up to date but might help.

– for the contactoffice.be users, you can try accessing the service via www.contactoffice.com
– for mail.be users, you can access the service via http://mailbe.contactoffice.com/

Sorry for this inconvenience but (as said, this is out of our control).


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