ContactOffice helps universities to fight the A/H1N1 flu pandemic

MARSEILLE, December 7, 2009 – Together with ContactOffice leader of collaborative applications on the French market, the University of Marseille 3 has developed a contingency plan that helps maintain a link between teaching faculty and students, even in cases of pandemic influenza A / H1N1. A first in the French academic world.

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The University of Marseille 3 has more than 25,000 people including more than 22,000 students. “In case of closing the facility due to pandemic influenza, we wanted to have a platform that would bridge the distance between teacher and students,” said Didier Pin, the CIO of the university. Now, students take different courses depending on their orientation. It was therefore necessary to connect the database with a learning platform that provides all the tools necessary to communicate and share. ”

This link between teacher and students is now a reality thanks to the ContactOffice collaboration suite. With the intersection between the login of each student and training codes, virtual groups for each course have been created. These automatically-made working groups between student-teacher is made in the virtual office ContactOffice. Through a connection to the ENT (Espace Numérique de Travail), students are directed to the proper groups related to their academic curriculum. In addition, some 1,800 university teachers can use the ContactOffice features to share information with their students. They can send e-mails and of course share materials or media files. This device is now operational since a month and includes an SMS gateway for sending urgent “textos” to specific user groups.

“ContactOffice proves once again the strength of its collaborative suite,” says Patrick De Schutter, Managing Director. Our solution also shows its ability to communicate seamlessly with external systems.

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