ContactOffice SMTP server supports TLS

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a cryptographic protocol that provides security for communications over networks. It can be used for email, instant messaging, VoIP, web browsing, Internet faxing…

In order to increase security within ContactOffice’s solution, ContactOffice’s SMTP server now supports the TLS protocol for regular SMTP sessions, and authenticated ones. Let’s explain this last case: as you might have experienced when being on the move or abroad, it is often difficult to send your emails with an Outlook or Thunderbird client because you are not connected to your provider’s network, so you don’t have access to the SMTP server of your provider and you have to try to figure out the current SMTP server name and modify your configuration by hand. That’s where ContactOffice’s SMTP relay will allow you to send your emails wherever you are, without modifying anything.

SMTP TLS encryption is available for all ContactOffice users as well as private label customers such as TNT, Mobistar, Alliance Fran├žaise – Rio de Janero

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