How to send large files by e-mail

Because a file is quite large or because some servers limit the size of incoming e-mails to a very low value, sometimes you just can’t e-mail a file to someone. In other cases, the recipient’s mailbox is almost full and won’t accept a large file…

Instead of sending the Document in the e-mail itself, you can send it as an hyperlink by selecting “Document as hyperlink” from the “Attach” menu when you compose an e-mail. The recipient will have a few days to download it by clicking on the hyperlink and you will be notified when he does.

Send large file by e-mail

Alternatively, you can start in the Documents tool and select “Send as hyperlink” from a Document contexual menu (right click).

This new feature is handy for large documents but you can use it with small ones as well.

It is available for paying subscriptions in the Advanced interface.

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