Beta 1.1.003 in prod

The release 1.1.003 of the beta is out (.fr users click here).

Beta 1.1.003 is a bug fix release but it still includes the SMS broadcaster as a new tool.

  • FIX Mail: HTML drafts do not display the sender address in the list view
  • FIX Mail: refresh the preview pane if another folder is selected
  • FIX Mail: incorrect URL for RSS feeds is now fixed
  • FIX Mail: force at least one recipient when sending a message
  • FIX Mail: selecting many rows and mark them unread might generate an error
  • NEW Mail: preferences dialog box now available
  • NEW Mail: ‘mark as read’ command added
  • UPD Mail: handle messages that don’t have a next or a previous
  • UPD Mail: disallow subfolders in special folders
  • FIX AddressBook, Calendar: display rights management for private environment
  • FIX AddressBook: search in ‘groups’ generating an error is fixed
  • UPD Common: List : add ‘delete’ key support
  • NEW SMS tool
  • NEW Calendar: import (vCalendar, iCal)
  • NEW Common: modeless dialog boxes
  • UPD Common: go to logout page if session is expired

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