More than 350.000 users on ContactOffice

In the current of 2006, the virtual office Contactoffice reached the 350.000 users. In addition, more than 40 personalised versions of the virtual office were launched for different customers.

During the last few months several new functionalities were added, leading to an ever increasing number of users. Among the new customers are Suez Energy International and Kl├ępierre, which join existing customers such as Mobistar, IBM and TNT. “The international growth continues, according to Patrick De Schutter, co-founder of the company. ContactOffice does not only get users in Europe or the US, but also from less obvious countries such as Japan, Brazil or Argentina.”

ContactOffice, founded in 1999 by a few internet pioneers, is a virtual office with a suite of online tools: e-mail, calendar, address-book, storage and sharing of documents, fax and SMS sending… ContactOffice is geared at SME with its site but also manages personalised versions of its tools for larger corporations.

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