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Shared mailbox: reasons for using, features and how to activate it.

28. September 2016 Releases, Tips and Tricks 0 Comments

Shared mailboxes allow users to share their mailbox with other users in order to view and send email from a common mailbox. These accounts work in the same way as a normal email account but can be managed by several people.  There is only one owner of the account. Why using a shared mailbox? A […], la messagerie chiffrée (#PGP) hébergée en dehors de la France

26. April 2016 News, Releases 1 Comment

Suite au succès du site belge l’équipe de ContactOffice lance aujourd’hui le site de messagerie chiffrée spécifiquement dédiée au marché français. Une messagerie sans pub Certaines sociétés pensent que leurs utilisateurs aiment avoir une boîte mail remplie de publicités. Nous ne partageons pas ce point de vue. Vous ne recevrez pas la moindre […]

ContactOffice launches end-to-end encrypted mail solution

08. April 2016 Releases, Security 0 Comments

We are very pleased to announce the BETA launch of our end-to-end encrypted mail solution which is based on PGP. Our encryption solution is the result of more than two years work by our dedicated team. Why did we develop this service? At ContactOffice we have always believed that users have an absolute and irrevocable right to Internet privacy. […]

ContactOffice releases two factor authentication to private lable customers

24. February 2016 Releases, Security 0 Comments

ContactOffice releases two factor authentication ContactOffice released the possibility to activate two factor authentication to its private label customers.  This additional layer of authentication security answers the needs of several of our private label customers that attach a lot of importance to security and encryption such as the OBFG (Order of French and German speaking […]

Wanna take back control of your mail? Welcome to

27. January 2016 News, Releases 0 Comments

Wanna take back control of your mail? It is not normal that so many Internet companies use our personal data in order to profit from it. At, we believe that everyone is entitled to a fundamental right to privacy. So we decided it was time to offer an ad-free email service, hosted on local […]

ContactOffice introduces integrated Instant Messaging

10. October 2014 News, Releases 0 Comments

The new integrated Instant Messaging allows communication through an Instant Messaging platform fully integrated in the ContactOffice Web Client! You will, from now on, be able to communicate easily with any friend or colleague that is a member of one of your groups in ContactOffice!   Activation The new Instant Messaging functionality has been activated in […]

Threading mode email in new Crystal interface

14. August 2014 News, Releases 2 Comments

What is Threading? Threading mode email is when your messages are regrouped so that all replies and forwards are grouped together.   Rather than seeing them in chronological order you will see them regrouped according to subject and “conversation” . The screenshots below show an example of each view: Unthreaded This is  the standard view […]

Access your cloud storage solutions in one place: Dropbox, Google Drive, …

07. May 2014 Releases, Tips and Tricks, Uncategorized 0 Comments

Imagine you need to finalise a extremely important presentation for a customer. You start off with your usual template and know that some very interesting data was included in a report you stored online recently.  You go to your Dropbox account but don’t find it. Was it stored there….??? or did you store it on […]

Polls integrated in Calendar

26. September 2013 Ajax Interface, Releases 0 Comments

We just launched a major new release of our Crystal interface on our beta site. It includes loads of great improvements and showcases where we are headed with our application: Our objectives are to: 1. Simplify the interface 2. Reduce the amount of tools by integrating them 3. Strengthening the social layer while controlling noice […]

Check out our brand new interface!

06. December 2012 Ajax Interface, News, Releases, Uncategorized 0 Comments

We’re reaching the end of 2012 and here @ ContactOffice we’re especially happy to present our brand new upgraded interface. This is the result of nearly 2 years of work by our user interface team in collaboration with some of the very best GUI designers in the world. The main improvements were guided by our […]