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Polls integrated in Calendar

26. September 2013 Ajax Interface, Releases 0 Comments

We just launched a major new release of our Crystal interface on our beta site. It includes loads of great improvements and showcases where we are headed with our application: Our objectives are to: 1. Simplify the interface 2. Reduce the amount of tools by integrating them 3. Strengthening the social layer while controlling noice […]

Check out our brand new interface!

06. December 2012 Ajax Interface, News, Releases, Uncategorized 0 Comments

We’re reaching the end of 2012 and here @ ContactOffice we’re especially happy to present our brand new upgraded interface. This is the result of nearly 2 years of work by our user interface team in collaboration with some of the very best GUI designers in the world. The main improvements were guided by our […]

New version available: Archive mails in documents and other improvements

09. January 2012 Ajax Interface, Releases, Tips and Tricks, Uncategorized 0 Comments

Save mail in Documents You can now archive your mails in the ContactOffice Documents tool. Right-click on the mail you want to save in the Documents and choose ‘Save in Documents’. The mail will be saved in the Documents as a .eml file. This function allows you to save and share your mail communication with […]

New version available: Search from recipient and other improvements

18. November 2010 Ajax Interface, Releases, Uncategorized 0 Comments

You can now search for all e-mails involving an e-mail address from the message window. Right-click on a person to display all e-mails with this e-mail address as sender or recipient. Direct access to group members details In several tools such as Documents, the name of the data author is now displayed as an hyperlink. […]

Global search: search in all ContactOffice tools in a single operation

17. August 2010 Ajax Interface, News, Uncategorized 0 Comments

ContactOffice is a single application comprising interconnected tools; in that respect, we thought that the search feature, which was tool-specific, could be fully redesigned, and we’ve just done it: Search available in all tools: you could already perform searches in Messages, Documents and Contacts. We added Calendars, Forums, Wikis, Notes and Bookmarks. In addition, a […]

New version available: display most hours of the day in the Calendar and other improvements

03. March 2010 Ajax Interface, Releases, Uncategorized 0 Comments

Here are the release notes for Advanced interface versions 1.7.003 and 1.7.004, currently available on ContactOffice servers. Display most hours of the day in the Calendar We received feedback about the Advanced interface calendar displaying “less content” than its Classic interface counterpart: some events are not displayed in the visible part of the Calendar. Of […]

ContactOffice launches its new website

08. February 2010 Ajax Interface, In the Press, News, Proud users, Tips and Tricks, Uncategorized 4 Comments

After 10 years of good service, the previous version just retired today as ContactOffice launched its new website. So long old chap, you did a great job. From now on, users going to will be logging into the Advanced interface, now selected by default. The Advanced interface benefits from all the new features and […]

A few tips for an easier use of ContactOffice Virtual Office

18. January 2010 Ajax Interface, Tips and Tricks, Uncategorized 0 Comments

Using multiple email accounts at the same time Almost everybody has at least one private and one professional email address. When you use ContactOffice as default professional email address (ex:, you can also consolidate your other private (and professional) email accounts in ContactOffice’s interface in order to have all your mails in one single […]

New version available: Calendar working week view and other improvements

04. January 2010 Ajax Interface, Releases 0 Comments

Here are the release notes for Advanced interface versions 1.7.001 and 1.7.002, currently available on ContactOffice servers. Calendar: “Working week” view We added the Working week view, so that you can focus on week days (Monday to Friday). This view is also useful on smaller screens. Click on the new tab to activate this view. […]

New version available: automatic signature and other improvements

23. December 2009 Ajax Interface, Releases 0 Comments

Here are the release notes for Advanced interface version 1.6.008, currently available on ContactOffice servers. Automatic signature In the Messaging Preferences, you could already set a signature for each of your sender addresses. From now on, you can also activate an automatic signature. The appropriate signature will be automatically inserted at the bottom of all […]