ContactOffice surpasses 600,000 paying accounts

The Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées will soon be extending the collaborative e-mail system ContactOffice to all of its establishments constituting the COMUE University of Toulouse. Thanks to the expansion of the collaboration with this client, ContactOffice has now surpassed the level of 600,000 paying accounts using its solution.

ContactOffice will provide the latest version of its platform to some 90,000 new users, who will thus be able to use its services of e-mail, address book, calendar, storage space, etc. Ultimately, over 120,000 members of the Midi-Pyrénées university community will be working and communicating in this environment. ContactOffice will also assume responsibility for migrating the e-mail servers belonging to the establishments that wish to adopt this solution.

The contract covers:

–      Installation of the latest ContactOffice software version on a new cloud architecture of the Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées

–      Migration of existing accounts to the new architecture

–      Acquisition of the ContactOffice licences

–      Migration of the e-mail servers of establishments wishing to join the solution

–      Infomanagement of the solution

The Community of University and Establishments (COMUE) Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées is a Public Establishment of Scientific and Technical Cooperation that presently includes:

  • 6 founding members:
    • the University of Toulouse I
    • the University of Toulouse II
    • the University of Toulouse III
    • the National Polytechnical Institute of Toulouse
    • the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse
    • the Higher Institute of Space and Aeronautics
  • 11 associate members:
    • the Political Studies Institute of Toulouse
    • the National Engineering School of Tarbes
    • the National Veterinary School of Toulouse
    • the Jean-François Champollion University Centre
    • the Mining School of Albi Carmaux
    • the Toulouse Business School
    • the National School of Agricultural and Life Sciences
    • the National Higher School of Architecture of Toulouse
    • the National Civil Aviation School
    • the Engineering School of Purpan
    • the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts of Toulouse
  • Research bodies:
    • the National Centre of Scientific Research
    • the National Institute for Agricultural Research
    • the National Institute of Health and Medical Research
    • the Development Research Institute
    • the National Aerospace Research Centre

The University of Toulouse has around 94,000 students and a staff of 12,900.

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