Assises 2015: come meet our team in Avignon !

Avignon: the city of Assises 2015.ContactOffice is proud to be present for another year, at the prestigious event Assises 2015. This annual gathering is an exceptional opportunity to meet and discuss with some of the actors that are shaping the information technology of higher Education in France.

The event that is organized by the CSIESR, will take place in Avignon, France, from the 19th till the 22th of May. The numerous lectures that will take place throughout the 4 days will be held by many influent French Academics.

On a lighter note, on thursday evening, the much anticipated visit of the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes) will take place followed by the very mundane Soirée Gala. This will allow the participants of Assises 2015 to have a drink in a beautiful and historical surrounding.

We are very enthusiast to exchange ideas and opinions with the participants and discuss about our upcoming new projects. Don’t hesitate to come and say hello to us!

You can find more information about Assises 2015 here:

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