ContactOffice introduces integrated Instant Messaging

The new integrated Instant Messaging allows communication through an Instant Messaging platform fully integrated in the ContactOffice Web Client!

You will, from now on, be able to communicate easily with any friend or colleague that is a member of one of your groups in ContactOffice!



The new Instant Messaging functionality has been activated in our ContactOffice, Mailfence and services.  If you use our services through a private label version, please contact your commercial contact to request an activation.


How to use it?

1.  Simply via your webbrowser.  Once you login into the virtual office.  Look at the right bottom of your screen you will see a green bullet as well as the number of ‘Contacts’ that are online.  By clicking on the green bullet you open a list of available contact you will be able to start a chat.


ContactOffice - Instant Messaging

2.  Via any XMMP compatible Instant Messaging client.



– No software to be installed

– No buddies to be added manually:  The different members of your ContactOffice groups will automatically be added and synchronised with your Instant Messaging client

– Supported browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari,…


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