Access your cloud storage solutions in one place: Dropbox, Google Drive, …

Imagine you need to finalise a extremely important presentation for a customer. You start off with your usual template and know that some very interesting data was included in a report you stored online recently.  You go to your Dropbox account but don’t find it. Was it stored there….??? or did you store it on Google drive….??? or did you keep it as an attachment of a mail …???

This kind of situation might sound familiar to you and has become extremely common.  Most of us start using so many different cloud solutions that we do not know where our data is stored anymore.  We have come to call it the ‘Cloud chaos’.

Image now that you could have one tool that allows you to access your cloud storage solutions in one place.  This is now possible thanks to ContactOffice.

How to configure the mapping of external cloud drives?

  • Go to your preferences when being in your Documents tools
  • Choose ‘External Storage’
  • Click on the icon of the service that you want to visualise
  • The application will ask you for an authorisation
  • You’re done 🙂
  • All your documents will be accessible through this one interface

External Cloud Storage configuration

 It’s getting even better:  Drag and drop between different storage solutions

Do you want to do drag and drops files from your ContactOffice account to one of your cloud storage services or move a certain dropbox file to your ContactOffice environment in order to share it with your group members.  Just drag and drop it 🙂  This is possible both for files and entire folders!!!

Wanna move your entire Google Drive folders to Dropbox.  It’s done in no time.

Let us know whether you sometimes experience difficulty in finding back your data in different cloud services and how you solve it.  We also wanna hear from you what other services you would want us to integrate after Dropbox and Google Drive?  Let uw know on this blog or tweet us!




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