ContactOffice drastically increases storage

29. April 2014 Uncategorized 0 Comments

One of the biggest complaints with cloud services is limited storage. ContactOffice is taking care of the problem by giving more space for the free and paying accounts: up to triple the storage they used to have!

Pricing-plan-ContactOffice-e1398787419300ContactOffice Free and Paying plans[/caption]

* Paying accounts will see an increase to 5 GB Mail and 12 GB Documents for the Light plan at 5 EUR/month.  The Regular (10 EUR/month) will have 10 GB Mail and 24 GB Documents space.  The Advanced will be at 15 GB Mail and 55 GB Document space.

* ContactOffice has rolled out the increased limits at the beginning of this week.

* ContactOffice not only drastically Increases Storage.  The paying plans offer much more than the above-mentioned storage capacities.  Paying Users have access to Premium Support via mail and telephone.  In addition they can send a certain amount of SMS per month, host their own domainname, sync with any device and manage their different email accounts from one interface.

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