Polls integrated in Calendar

We just launched a major new release of our Crystal interface on our beta site.
It includes loads of great improvements and showcases where we are headed with our application:

ContactOffice poll integrated in calendar

Our objectives are to:

1. Simplify the interface
2. Reduce the amount of tools by integrating them
3. Strengthening the social layer while controlling noice
(more about this in a future post)

@ContactOffice we strongly believe that the future of webapps lies in Suites and not in individual tools. That’s why we developped an entire suite comprising of Mail, Docs, Calendar, Contacts, Polls, Bookmarks,… Using great but distinct applications doesn’t allow you to share data between these different applications and results in much lower productivity.

In our crystal interface you will see a much deeper integration of our tools for even more productivity. That’s why we integrated the ‘Polls’ tool in the calendar. You can now launch polls while layering the potential dates with your own or your group members’ Calendars. Compare this with using a Polling tool that is independent of your Addressbook and Calendar and you will see the productivy gain.

A Poll to find a potential meeting date between 10 different people will take you literally 3 clicks and will show automatically in your calendar as well as the calendar of any other ContactOffice user.

Try it out and let us know what you think @contactoffice

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