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ContactOffice cloud collaborationBRUSSELS, JUNE 2013Thanks to ContactOffice, one of the European leaders in cloud collaboration software, companies and professionals can find shelter from the American secret services. Due to the PRISM revelations ContactOffice, is today literally being submerged with requests for information and migrations.

The revelations of Edward Snowden regarding the PRISM surveillance programme have shocked and sensibilised many European users about the dangers of hosting their data on servers localised in the USA or managed by American companies.

PRISM allows the American secret services to access the servers of the 9 largest internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft et Apple, in order to obtain information about their users. The incriminated companies have denied the allegations, going as far as to even deny the knowledge of the existence of such a programme. The American authorities have however recognised through the intermediary of their director of information Mr James Clapper, the existence of PRISM. Caspar Bowden, who advised Microsoft on privacy until 2011 and who is now a privacy campaigner, warned that the US’s access to global personal data consigned the rest of the world’s cloud data to a privacy “Guantánamo”. a kind of lawless zone.

It is within this context that many European users are searching for alternatives to the American cloud. They are looking for solutions that apply their local legislation with regards to privacy law and that guarantee to them the right to consult, modify and delete their data. This last point being particularly problematic for many American providers that want to monetise the data of their users.

ContactOffice, one of the European leaders in the market of online collaboration software and active since more that 13 years, is literally being submerged with requests for information and migrations.

“Most of the requests come from professionals that want to inform themselves about the location of our servers”, says Patrick De Schutter, one of the founders. “Other requests focus on the security procedures and our policies with regard to information requests by official instances”.

To all these questions we answer that our data are hosted in a European data center based in Belgium, one of the countries with the most severe privacy legislation in the world. We have a complete control of all our servers and no subcontractor has access to our infrastructure.
No third party (nor the government) has access to the data hosted on our servers: they need to solicit our help in order to obtain data about our customers. This is only done in the case of an official injunction signed by a judge.

Our backups are done on European soil as well. Finally, we apply diverse mechanisms in order to protect and anonymise all data: even in case of an intrusion, a third party would not be able to localise the data of one of our clients

« Our mission is to host and protect the data of our customers», concludes Patrick De Schutter, « and not to analyse the data in order to create profiles and monetise it through advertising ».

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About ContactOffice (
ContactOffice is one of the European leaders in the field of cloud collaboration (calendar, contacts, documents, e-mail, SMS, fax…). The ContactOffice application is available in Cloud or licence mode. It was founded in 1999 by the Belgian internet pioneers Arnaud Huret and Patrick De Schutter (Rendez-Vous, IP Netvertising, Express,…), Brice Le Blévennec (Emakina) and Luc Claes. ContactOffice is proud to have among its customers : TNT Airways, Laborelec, Unicef, Sciences Po, the universities of Lyon II, Aix-Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux II and III, etc.

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