Check out our brand new interface!

We’re reaching the end of 2012 and here @ ContactOffice we’re especially happy to present our brand new upgraded interface. This is the result of nearly 2 years of work by our user interface team in collaboration with some of the very best GUI designers in the world.

The main improvements were guided by our wish to answer the following objective: How to simplify your work and that of your users or colleagues.

In order to do so, we’ve completely redesigned the user interface. We’ve tried to maintain the strenght of our application. An integrated suite of collaboration and messaging tools and strong sharing and group functionalities.

What needed improvement was an interface that was uncluttered, intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Beta ContactOffice

The new interface runs as a beta for a few more months but you can use and test it with your normal account.
ContactOffice users, please use your login and password on following URL’s: users, please use your present login and password on following URL:

Please give it a testdrive and tell us what you think!
Enjoy the ride 🙂

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