How to attach documents to your calendar events #COusertip 4

When organising a meeting you often want to share certain files with the attendees.
These documents can be the agenda of the meeting, a report of the previous meeting, a paper that needs to be discussed.

It is now possible to attach such documents to an event or meeting in your calendar.
Here’s how to do so:

First, create a new event or meeting and click on the tab ‘Attachments’:

Attach files to calendar event or meeting

Then, choose the documents you want to attach to your event/meeting:

Attach files to calendar event or meeting

The documents will be accessible to the attendees of the meeeting and they’ll see a paperclip on the event/meeting details:

Paperclip to calendar event

PS: Make sure the documents are shared with the attendees of the meeting for them to be able to open them.

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