Arrrglll ! Slow network

27. March 2012 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Issue fixed.

Dear CO aficionados,

Since a couple of days, some of you might have experienced a slow connection to ContactOffice. Since Friday 23 March, two major routers of Belgacom (BGC) are under maintenance. They may impact the speed and the quality of your personal connectivity to ContactOffice and to many other websites. Once again, this network issue has nothing to do with us and is totally beyond our control. We have notified the NOC of Belgacom many times. They replied that Belgacom was facing a ‘European problem’ (sic). So, if you are located in Belgium, you can act : set their helpdesk on fire by calling 0800 33 100. I’m sure this will help ;-)

16:45 CET. Breaking news : the case is closed now. One of their central gateway is now again fed with electricity, which indeed might help.


To use after have set  BGC helpdesk on fire

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