ContactOffice Education customers meet in Paris

All French-speaking ContactOffice Education customers were invited to participate to the 2010 edition of the ContactOffice Education Days, on March 24th and 25th in Paris.

The meeting gathered representatives from 16 education entities (universities, high schools, secondary schools) at the Belgian Embassy, just a few steps away from the famous Arc de Triomphe.

This annual event is very important to us, because it is one of the opportunities we create to get feedback from our customers and users. Our CTO Luc Claes presented the latest features but also the features we are currently working on. Most of them will be available by next September. He also presented the ideas we have about future developments. Customers were asked to vote for each of them. They were also given the time to give us feedack about existing or lacking features. In other words, ContactOffice customers do have a real impact on the roadmap.

For our customers, this event is also a perfect occasion to meet other ContactOffice users and exchange ideas, tips and solutions.

Some of them had prepared a presentation on an aspect of their ContactOffice usage: specific developments we have made for them (example: automatic layering with the classes agenda generated by a third-party application), developments they have made themselves using the powerful ContactOffice API (examples: writing holidays in the staff agendas from the software managing holidays requests, publishing the list of most group documents stored in ContactOffice on the university portal), the way they use the various ContactOffice tools to ease collaboration and communication inside their organizations and with the outside world.

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