Synchronize with iPhone, Outlook, Microsoft Mobile, BlackBerry and Palm

The SynchroExpress software synchronizes ContactOffice with your computer. Your computer can then synchronize with mobile devices. This way, you can synchronize ContactOffice with mobile devices.

The latest SynchroExpress version (3.0 – build 3052) has been released and allows synchronizing ContactOffice with:

  • Outlook (all versions, including 2007)
  • Devices running on Microsoft Mobile (via Outlook)
    Synchronize your mobile device with Outlook. Then, synchronize Outlook with ContactOffice.
  • Apple iPhone (via Outlook)
    Choose “iPhone” when setting up Synchro Express.
    Then, set-up Apple iTunes so that it synchronizes your iPhone with Outlook.
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to synchronize with iTunes directly.
  • BlackBerry (without Outlook)
    If not installed yet, install BlackBerry Desktop Software.
    Choose “BlackBerry” when setting up SynchroExpress.
    You don’t need Outlook to synchronise ContactOffice with your BlackBerry.
  • Palm (without Outlook)
    If not installed yet, install Palm Desktop Manager.
    Choose “Palm” when setting up SynchroExpress.

Please note SynchroExpress is available for Windows only. The installer is Windows 7 compliant.

To get this new version, log in your account and go to the Synchro page. Before installing it, read the documentation and limitations in the online help.

In a few months, we will offer alternatives such as SyncML to synchronize :

  • with other platforms (Mac, Linux)
  • “over-the-air” (ie. without connecting the mobile device to a computer, the device will be connecting directly to ContactOffice through the Internet).

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