ContactOffice, founding member of EuroCloud Belgium

Creation of EuroCloud Belgium

On January 12th 2010, ContactOffice became founding member and administrator of the newly created EuroCloud Belgium association.

EuroCloud is a European network of local SaaS and Cloud computing communities, launched at the end of 2009 by Pierre-José Billote, President and founding member of the ASP Forum. EuroCloud is present in all over Europe: Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Turkey. The EuroCloud community includes software vendors, integrators and industry experts.

As the whole industry is shifting to cloud computing, EuroCloud’s goals are to become the first European cloud ecosystem to boost Cloud development across Europe, while becoming the strategic European platform for business exchange with other continents.

ContactOffice will actively participate in the growth of the EuroCloud community and is represented by Patrick De Schutter as Administrator of EuroCloud Belgium.

If you are interested in the EuroCloud initiative and wish to promote Cloud Computing in Belgium, contact us at EuroCloud Belgium:

Current members of EuroCloud Belgium
Charles Convent
Annie Frère
Patrick De Schutter
Serge Kalitventzeff
Angelo Santoro
Gabriele Bozzi
Cédric Pierrard

Marlies Maes

Alain Blaise

Download Dutch and French version here.

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