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Share events from your calendar

25. September 2009 Proud users, Releases, Tips and Tricks 0 Comments

You can invite group members or external contacts (from your private addressbook or a group addressbook) to an existing event by selecting the “Participants” tab. This is the best method to collect RSVP’s (ie I will attend or not from participants). The meeting will automatically be displayed in the group members calendars. External contacts will […]

Join us @ Cloudstorm London: 13-10-2009

25. September 2009 Uncategorized 0 Comments

The newest Cloud Summit will now come to London: CloudStorm At CloudStorm, you will receive in 100 minutes an update of the latest trends and products in Cloud Computing, followed by a mini expo and networking opportunity. CloudStorm includes: * 10 minutes Cloud Vendor presentations on the newtest trends in Cloud Computing * Showing the […]

How to send large files by e-mail

11. September 2009 Ajax Interface, Releases, Tips and Tricks 0 Comments

Because a file is quite large or because some servers limit the size of incoming e-mails to a very low value, sometimes you just can’t e-mail a file to someone. In other cases, the recipient’s mailbox is almost full and won’t accept a large file… Instead of sending the Document in the e-mail itself, you […]

Meetings made easy using our meeting maker

07. September 2009 Ajax Interface, Releases 0 Comments

Not easy to find a date when more than two people are involved! The meeting poll feature (aka “meeting maker”) allows you to gather participants votes on a selection of dates and times. It is much easier to find a schedule that is convenient for all or most participants. Participants don’t have to own a […]

Online calendar new design

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The calendar lay-out in the Advanced interface has been redesigned to improve usability and readability. You can easily create new events by clicking in the calendar or by selecting a zone (from 9 to 11.30 am, for instance), entering a title and a location (optional), and you’re done. If you need to add more details […]

Collaboration works better in the Cloud

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We want to thank the attendees for their interest and high attendance last Wednesday at the Atomium in Brussels. What a prefect venue. Contact Office – CloudStorm View more presentations from Cloudstorm.