Read and write your calendar from third-party software (CalDAV)

ContactOffice is now a CalDAV server: you can read and write events from CalDAV software such as Mozilla Sunbird, Mozilla Lightning (a plug-in for Thunderbird), Apple iCal and also iCal on iPhone (version 3.0 is needed). Note: Microsoft Outlook 2007 has no CalDAV features.

For other software, see

The settings depend on the software. Please log in your ContactOffice account and read online help for limitations and software settings.

This new feature is automatically available for all ContactOffice accounts.

ContactOffice Team

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1 Response

  1. Bruneau says:

    Here are the results of my tests : good synchronization between Contactoffice/Calendar and iCal but :
    – even if I saw the announced limitations about the syncing of invitees, I was surprised to see it was even very hard to handle invitees inside iCal for an event belonging tho the synced calendar (no access to Adress Book…you have to retype the emails, and I am not sure it does even work in such a case)
    – I failed to include the events I created on my Blackberry in the synced calendar (in iCal), despite the good settings of “PocketMac for BB”
    – So I thought I could sync my BB with MS Entourage 2008 (yes it works !) and then sync Entourage 2008 with iCal : Ok it works, but events are put in a specialized calendar in iCal called “Entourage” and there is no way to get them inside the calendar synced with Contactoffice…

    I have not yet tested the iPhone interface…That could be the solution ! Another solution would be that Microsoft put CalDAV inside Entourage…

    To make it shortly, I appreciate this development. I may use it for specialised needs like the calendar of shared resources like meeting rooms, but I still cannot rely on this development to launch a full calendar sharing over the whole company that I manage.

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