ContactOffice to present @Cloudstorm event

CloudStorm is a new style event set up by companies offering innovating solutions in cloud computing!

CloudStorm Brussels, September 2nd, Atomium Brussels, 16h00 CET

At CloudStorm, you will receive in 100 minutes an update of the latest trends and products in Cloud Computing, followed by a mini expo and networking opportunity.

CloudStorm is an event where the real products are shown. To make it interesting for everybody, each event will feature only one vendor in each cloud type solution. This ensures a much broader view than on any other event on Cloud Computing and allows you to select the technology solution that best suits your needs!

Each event will cover following cloud topics:

* Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
* Cloud Platform as a Service
* Cloud Software as a Service
* Cloud Security
* Cloud Datacenter
* Networking in the Cloud
* Loadbalancing in the Cloud
* Firewalls in the Cloud
* Cloud Platforms
* Billing for the Cloud

Participating companies will share their vision on cloud and also present on site their actual cloud solutions!

The CloudStorm is an initiative of the IT Valley innovation center in Gent including A-Server, B-Virtual, Racktivity and SUN Microsystems and its partners Microsoft, SymetriQ, CloudSphere, REP42, Zeus, Calamares, ContactOffice, C3Wave, …

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