Out of Beta

We are pleased to announce that the Ajax interface version 1.4.003 of ContactOffice is now officially released, leaving the ‘beta’ status after almost 1,5 years.

Many thanks to all our users that reported bugs and suggested enhancements (these are still welcome).

Long life to this interface.

ContactOffice Team

Collaboration and Messaging Web Application Suite (www.contactoffice.com)

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3 Responses

  1. Brice says:

    Congratulations to the team !!

  2. Charles says:

    Just wanted to check if I am missing something here. The software appears to be a primitive outlook/lotus notes/entourage copy-cat.

  3. Patrick says:

    Dear Charles,

    You are right, ContactOffice looks a lot like Outlook Exchange or Lotus Notes, but it is clearly not the same. The main difference is that we offer our application in a SAAS mode for free or at a very low monthly rate through a browser.

    This allows SME’s or small organisation to benefit from all the functionalities of a professional groupware application without the cost nor the hassle of managing it internally.

    In addition we offer many other functionalities integrated in our suite such as SMS and Fax integration, Document Management, WIKI, … We try to offer in one and the same place all the collaboration and communication tools one might need for ones professional usage.

    I remain at your disposal for any additional information.

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