Why Saas is good against the (damages of) Swine Flu

Jim Burleigh, CEO of SmartTurn, wrote a very interesting column on the website of IndustryWeek about the connexion between Saas and… the Swine Flu. Even though Saas can’t really help to prevent the spread of such infectious diseases, this model enables companies to better respond to shocks and disruptions that threat their business continuity when a major crisis like this occurs, Burleigh argues.

In the past, implementing a warehouse and inventory management system required costly and time-consuming enterprise software. A typical implementation would take 6 months due to complex integration, and additional IT investments. However, with the maturity of software-as-a-service (Saas), an organization can have real-time visibility and shipping management is as little as 30 days. Because SaaS is web-based and operated offsite, another inherent benefit is less reliance on an in-house IT department. By deploying a new WMS, you not only raise inventory accuracy from 91% to over 99% accuracy and increase new customer acquisition, you prevent potential hardships in the days and weeks ahead.

Check out the entire column here.

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