An authenticated SMTP relay that you can access from anywhere

You know the story: even though you’ve been able to find a wireless network (using your credit card or not), you can’t send e-mails from your e-mail software because of these annoying SMTP relay server settings, which you have to change each time you switch networks.

Of course, you could connect to the ContactOffice Web interface and send your e-mails from the Messages tool. But we think that if you prefer third-party e-mail software (using POP3 or IMAP), you should be able to send your e-mails from everywhere. This is the reason why ContactOffice offers an authenticated SMTP relay server. Set it up once and for all with your usual login and password and you’re done.

The authenticated SMTP relay server is available from the Regular subscription in the standard version. It is also available as an option in the customized version.

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