Beta 1.3.005 released

Tons of fixes and enhacements :

  • NEW Contextual help contents
  • NEW Messaging – Mailing lists
  • FIX Mail proxy: read messages are not set as read on the server
  • FIX Mail proxy: disable unavailable features
  • FIX Common : Share with groups: allow the operation for the owner only
  • FIX Common : The contextal refresh action on groups folder must update the subfolders
  • FIX Common : Refresh action available for all folders
  • FIX Common : Constraint dialog in client window
  • FIX Common : Editing the right of group object : the corresponding group members folder has to be selected by default
  • FIX Common : Refresh action available for all folders
  • FIX Common : COMessageBox: escape and enter keys are not handled
  • FIX Common : Some buttons are cropped on the left and right
  • FIX Groups : Group member selection was not well working
  • FIX Groups : Refresh issue when coming back to the group tool
  • FIX Groups : Search results are not displayed if member of no groups
  • FIX Groups : Group Rights property dialog : only show the selected group in the tree
  • FIX Documents: Can’t change document name and document description in a single operation
  • FIX Documents : Private URL is not refreshed
  • FIX Document : Public access URL is not displayed immediately
  • FIX Messaging : Search results: can’t move a mail to the trash with contextual menu
  • FIX Messaging : Preview pane: message headers disappear on next message if minimized
  • FIX Messaging : Attachments: display contextual menu with right click
  • FIX Messaging : Mailing lists : Can’t create more than one list in a session
  • FIX Messaging – Filters: do not display notifiy by SMS action if SMS is not available
  • FIX Messaging: Window too large if reply with plenty of recipients in IE
  • FIX Messaging : Disable “new message from template” menuitem if there are no templates
  • UPD AddressBook : Search area should be opened by default
  • FIX AddressBook : display problem with Safari
  • UPD Events : attachment panel UI enhancement
  • UPD Events : display an attachment icon
  • FIX Event : Doubble click to edit an event
  • FIX Contacts : splitter was hidden when returning from another context
  • FIX Contacts : SearchPanel is now always displayed
  • FIX Forum : Recent messages: display problem
  • FIX Forum : Refresh
  • FIX Wiki : The Wiki menu ‘Browse’ has no effect
  • FIX SMS / AddressBook : Cannot paste a phone number

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