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An authenticated SMTP relay that you can access from anywhere

30. April 2009 Tips and Tricks 0 Comments

You know the story: even though you’ve been able to find a wireless network (using your credit card or not), you can’t send e-mails from your e-mail software because of these annoying SMTP relay server settings, which you have to change each time you switch networks. Of course, you could connect to the ContactOffice Web […]

Microsoft: SMEs are quickly adopting the Saas model

28. April 2009 In the Press 0 Comments

No, there’s no mistake in the headline: Microsoft itself now recognises that companies are now ready to start deploying and using hosted services for business-critical purposes. Check out this article for further details.

Beta 1.3.005 released

10. April 2009 Ajax Interface, Uncategorized 0 Comments

Tons of fixes and enhacements : NEW Contextual help contents NEW Messaging – Mailing lists FIX Mail proxy: read messages are not set as read on the server FIX Mail proxy: disable unavailable features FIX Common : Share with groups: allow the operation for the owner only FIX Common : The contextal refresh action on […]

Gartner: Saas is booming in France and UK

05. April 2009 News 0 Comments

According to a recent Gartner survey called “User Survey Analysis: Usage Plans for SaaS Application Software, France, Germany and the UK 2009″, UK and France are leading the way in Saas adoption. Gartner found 71% of French respondents say their organisation currently uses SaaS for business applications, compared to 68% in the UK and 45% […]